Whether you are you a new agent learning the ropes about your new eKEY and keyboxes or an existing agent looking for a refresher on Supra’s features, this resource library will help you learn more about the eKEYs and keyboxes we use.  Click the links below to learn more about each topic!



What Kind Of Key Do You Have?




SupraWEB Webinar (This video is a download.  Once you click it, look in your browser’s downloads section to view).

How to Assign a Listing to a Keybox

How to Setup General Email Notifications (showing notifications, feedback emails, listing updates, etc.)

How to Setup Showing Notifications

eKEY Application

How to Authorize the eKEY Application (Where to Get an Authorization Code)

How to Get an Update Code

How to Obtain a Key

How to Release a Keybox Shackle


How to Manually Update an ActiveKEY

How to Release a Keybox Shackle with ActiveKEY