Remaining 2018 Enrichment Meetings

The remainder of this year’s monthly enrichment meetings will be held in different locations.   We will be exploring other options around town, and you will have a chance to give us your opinion about your favorite location.  That data will be consulted when a decision is made about where we will hold meetings in the future.  Your opinion is a vital part of this process, so please be on the lookout for a survey in December asking for your thoughts about the October, November, and December meetings!  Here’s the lineup for the rest of this year:

November Meeting – 11/29/18 (rescheduled from 11/15) at Cottontail Weddings & Events (600 Craghead Street).   Tred Hunt will be catering our lunch, and John Whitaker of Green Home Solutions will be presenting about mold in homes.

December Meeting – 12/6/18 at Danville Golf Club.  Our annual Christmas Auction will be this day.  Be on the lookout for more details about the auction in the coming weeks.

As always, please feel free to contact DRRAR if you have any questions! We look forward to seeing you at these last meetings of the year!

September Enrichment Meeting

Kim Baldridge, Executive Director of the Danville-Pittsylvania County Habitat for Humanity

September’s enrichment meeting welcomed everyone back from the summer break at the Danville Golf Club. Our speaker series continued this month by inviting Kim Baldridge, Executive Director of the Danville-Pittsylvania County Habitat for Humanity, to speak to our members about the mission of Habitat for Humanity here in our community.

She shared the story of the most recent recipient from our area, Mia Tate, whose house was completed this year. Kim was sure to emphasize that local donations directly affect local efforts; so when you give to your local Habitat for Humanity, your dollars are used in your own community. Since Habitat for Humanity is a self-help program, recipients help with the project and learn throughout the process.

DRRAR gave $500 to Habitat for Humanity as a result of this year’s charity golf tournament that took place in June. We are thankful for organizations like this that benefit our community every day!

“Meet Your Affiliates” Business After-Hours Event

In lieu of a typical enrichment meeting lunch in May, the Affiliate Committee decided to host a “Meet Your Affiliates” Business After-Hours event on May 24th at the Danville Golf Club.  This event also took the place of our traditional after-golf tournament networking event by providing a separate fun and relaxed environment for our members and affiliates to get to know one another.

Our affiliate and REALTOR® members alike were treated to heavy hors d’oeuvres and an open bar.  Music was provided by Steven Collins of Soundwave Entertainment as guests enjoyed playing board games, yard games, and talking with one another.

Thank you to all who attended and helped make this event successful!  If you were able to attend, please remember to fill out our survey we emailed you by June 8th!  We want to hear your comments and suggestions about how to make this event even better next time!

April Enrichment Meeting

Thank you to all members who attended April’s enrichment meeting!

Norma Brower, Fair Housing Officer for the City of Danville, and Ernecia Coles, Executive Director of the Danville Neighborhood Development Corporation, spoke at April’s enrichment meeting.  Norma Brower briefly touched on the 50-year anniversary of the Fair Housing Act, and Ernecia shared information about her organization to our membership.

The Danville Neighborhood Development Corporation is a new local non-profit
whose mission is to improve Danville’s quality of life by empowering neighbors and community associations, encouraging local investment, and building neighborhoods of opportunity and choice.  The organization has targeted particular areas of the city for revitalization and are excited to fulfill their mission in our city.  To learn more about the organization and keep track of their progress, keep an eye on their website here!

Thank you both for speaking to our membership at this month’s enrichment meeting!

March Enrichment Meeting

Thank you to all who attended March’s enrichment meeting at the Danville Golf Club!

Telly TuckerTelly Tucker, Director of Economic Development for the City of Danville, spoke to our membership on March 22nd.  Telly spoke about how Danville is investing in the River District by developing a walkable community of condo living, restaurants, and parks.  Visible progress in the River District can be observed today!

Danville is also currently interested in attracting a variety of businesses to diversify our workforce and create a balance in economics and employment related to it.  Being as Danville is situated near multiple big-name companies such as IKEA, ABB, and Goodyear (to name a few), we have a perfect opportunity to provide a streamlined workforce to all of these industries using programs like the Precision Machining program of Danville Community College (DCC).

Telly also spoke about how Danville is committed to investing in our youth by way of institutions like the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research.  Using their Precision Machining facility in conjunction with dual credit hours for high school students and higher education DCC programs, Danville has a unique opportunity to provide a streamlined workforce trained using the most up-to-date equipment in a realistic setting that mimics those of companies like Rolls-Royce in Petersburg, VA.  Most students are able to complete the program by age 20 with no student debt and in many cases, multiple great-paying job offers!

We are excited to see the growth in our area continue and see Telly’s work continue to do great things for our region!  Thank you for speaking with our membership, Telly!