July Supra Customer Forum

Association Executive, Erica Sturkie, and Lockbox Committee Chair, Anne Pritchett, at the Portland Japanese Garden.
Supra Manufacturing Facility

Did you know that Supra’s restoration facility shares space with its original manufacturing floor?  The photo to your right is the floor of their facility where original manufacturing and restoration of defective materials happens.  This photo was taken just a few weeks ago because for the first time, DRRAR attended the Supra Customer Forum in Salem and Portland, Oregon.  The forum took place July 28th-30th and was attended by Association Executive, Erica Sturkie, and Lockbox Committee Chair, Anne Pritchett.

Supra holds three forums a year as a way to say “thank you” to its wide customer base.  Activities at this forum included an excursion on Sunday to Archery Summit winery and lunch in Dayton, Oregon, and finally a tour of Supra’s facilities in Salem, Oregon, on Monday.  In spare time, Erica and Anne also visited the Portland Japanese Garden (pictured at the top).  Erica and Anne were just two of about 30 people that attended from various associations/MLSs across the United States.  Most attendees were already Supra customers, but a few were potential future Supra customers that currently use other ekey and lockbox solutions.  

DRRAR has been a customer of Supra for at least a decade and we currently use their services for our ekeys and lockboxes.  Have you ever returned a defective keybox to our office?  When you do, we ship those back to Supra and they restore them to good-as-new condition!  See how it’s done in the video here:  https://youtu.be/X6WEWVkcbfY