April Enrichment Meeting

Thank you to all members who attended April’s enrichment meeting!

Norma Brower, Fair Housing Officer for the City of Danville, and Ernecia Coles, Executive Director of the Danville Neighborhood Development Corporation, spoke at April’s enrichment meeting.  Norma Brower briefly touched on the 50-year anniversary of the Fair Housing Act, and Ernecia shared information about her organization to our membership.

The Danville Neighborhood Development Corporation is a new local non-profit
whose mission is to improve Danville’s quality of life by empowering neighbors and community associations, encouraging local investment, and building neighborhoods of opportunity and choice.  The organization has targeted particular areas of the city for revitalization and are excited to fulfill their mission in our city.  To learn more about the organization and keep track of their progress, keep an eye on their website here!

Thank you both for speaking to our membership at this month’s enrichment meeting!